• Katherine Revelle, MD, is a Boston-based doctor, satire & essay writer and Moth storyteller.


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    Katherine is "mom, momma, momeeeeee" to three endless sources of material. You can find her essays on parenting-adjacent topics at The Washington Post, Ravishly and elsewhere. You can find her working on parenting-adjacent issues with patients in her psychiatry practice.


    She is a graduate of The Second City Satire Training Program and perennial student of creative nonfiction at the GrubStreet Creative Writing Center in Boston. Katherine is also a Moth StorySLAM champion with a well-honed knack for alchemizing paralyzing stage-fright into over-preparation.

  • Medical

    Medical advice quoted in:

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    Glamour Magazine

    The Best Sleepwear For Dealing With Night Sweats

    By Alexandra Illyashov

  • Humor/Satire

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    Points In Case

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that any woman in need of a sanitary napkin, must be in need of a sanitarium.

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    Thank you for calling "Talk Dinner to Me," where EVERYONE finishes!

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    Stab-worthy parenting “I’d”s to avoid this Pandemiversary season.

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    Greener Pastures Magazine

    For His Impeachment Encore, Trump Sings Full Confession!

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    The Belladonna

    What does an irregular election cycle mean for my vote?

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    A little literary levity in illustrated form.

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    Twitter: @katervelle

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